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Are You Stuck?

You want your team to deliver results. Working software. Delightful products. Every day.

You’ve read that Agile, Lean Startup, Management 3.0, Beyond Budgeting and Design Thinking can transform your team and organisation so you dance together with your customer to create innovative, delightful products.

How will that work for you?

How will you get unstuck?

Work With Me

Unleash the Productivity of Your Team

When you work with me, we will discover how to:

  1. Consistently deliver results to your customers and stakeholders
  2. Deliver your results on time, when your market and your stakeholders demand them
  3. Dance with your organisation to make product decisions together to deliver results with joy for you and your end-users

“Steve is a natural when it comes to facilitation. He easily creates a safe and engaging space for fruitful discussions. His well-timed interventions and thought-provoking ideas are always a great benefit.”

— Gerrit Lutter, Scrum Master, Sipgate GmbH

Agile Training for Teams

Whether you’re new to Agile Software development, starting up a new team, or taking your ongoing Agile efforts to the next level, I offer learning experiences and coaching to get you there.

I tailor my training to your needs for Agile leaders at all levels: Developers, Scrummasters, Product Owners, Managers and Executives.

Workshops & Events

I also offer public workshops, and I’m invited to speak to several professional conferences and gatherings each year.

Find and attend an event that engages you, or book me to speak or hold a workshop at your next meet up or event.

Let’s Explore at Agile 2014!

I’m presenting our workshop exploring the intersection of Agile, Coaching, and Organisational Additiction together with Nancy Van Schooenderwoert on Thursday July 30, 2014.

Join us: Know When To Hold ‘em, Know When To Fold ‘em – Design Your Next Coaching Gig



Work With Me

“Steve’s explicit trust in [clients’] abilities to learn and deliver inspired them to do a better and better job. He inspires leaders and managers in [client] organisations to follow his example.”

— Olaf Lewitz, Agile Coach

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Is this a cup of tea?
Fluency and Culture June 27, 2013

“We sell three star fluency and we deliver one star.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about this statement James Shore made in his closing XP2013 keynote at the beginning of the month. I also keep thinking of our own claim that “most Agile transitions fail… something is devouring the promised benefits for breakfast.” That’s what …

Can you break the addict’s cycle? January 2, 2014

status: draft version 2 “There is a group of people that know they should change, and know how to change, but don’t: Addicts.” (Erwin van der Koogh) Does that put you in mind of any organisations you know? Perhaps  organisations that say they want to invest in 21st century management like true self-organisation, yet find …

The Sweet Spot June 20, 2014

The Sweet Spot status: draft version 11 “But, isn’t that the Product Owner’s job?” I’ve been hearing that a lot from you on my travels. (Scrum Gathering New Orleans and XP2014 in Rome were two recent destinations.) Sometimes there’s something more implied in the question. “Only the Product Owner can do that!” Says the Product …

Transforming Addicted Organisations Slide Set

Transforming Addicted Organisations

SwissICT has published the support slides from my talk “Transforming Addicted Organisations” which I gave last week at the Lean Agile Scrum Conference in Zurich.

Download Transforming Addicted Organisations.

Download other slide sets from #LASZH 2014.

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Steve Holyer head shot
facilitating at Municipal Stadium Poznan, Poland

Steve Holyer is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Trainer, Conference Speaker, Truster, Workshop and Retrospective Facilitator and Change Agent.

Surprisingly few Scrum Trainers and Coaches have actually spent much time as an actual part of a Scrum team. I coach teams and organisations based on my experiences as both agile developer and Scrum Master on high performance Scrum teams. I gained my experience using Scrum over several years to deliver many products before I ever tried to train or coach client organisations. My experience of succeeding at organisational agility doesn’t come from training simulations or from filling-in at a client for a few weeks.