Office Hours

Drop in! Say "Hi."
What's on your mind?

I'm bringing semi-regular office-hours back for a new trial run.

For leaders. Change-agents. Product Owners. and other friends. I'm inviting you into my office for a lean coffee of sorts. My office is a virtual Zoom VOIP connection.

To connect, use this appointment calendar. Book the next time slot, or another one that's convenient for you. As soon as you book, I'll email you a confirmation and the Zoom link, and just like that, we're connected!

Office-hour Appointment Calendar

30-Minute Visit

Office-hours show for a two week period.  New office hours added each week.

A few office-hour themes that I'm always eager to talk about:

  • Open Space Leadership
  • holding space for remote teams that work
  • diversity and inclusion in the future of work
  • future work, fluent Agile & developing Agile Maturity
  • the Product Owner's Journey
  • Agile Chartering — to launch Agile like we really mean it.

The office-hours are for us to connect. Let's chat.

Come join me (with Zoom Video Calling) to hang out for a bit.  Let's chat. About my new Open Space course. Or about Fluency Design for Agile Teams or leaders. Or Penguins.  Or just say "Hi."
Don't be shy. Dial right in. I'm here, looking forward to a visit. 
"Experienced, connected, team-centered coaching for managers, coaches and teams who need Agile that works! I learned my craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations. I gained my experience using Scrum to deliver products before I ever tried to train or coach client organisations."