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You really are invited to just stop by (with this Zoom link)-

But, if you want to request a specific appointment simply add this entry to your calendar as a template . Just change the start and end time. Make sure you send me the invite with th new times.  If I don't have time free when you invite me, I'll come back with other suggestions.

(Or, you know just email me and ask for an appoinment.)

"Come and gather round at the table,
in the spirit of family and friends.
And we'll all join hands and remember this moment
'til the season comes round again." - Amy Grant
On these "between days" of the festive time,  I'm spending some quiet time in my office. But not that quiet! Come join me (with Zoom Video Calling) to hang out for a bit.  Let's chat. About my new Open Space course. Or about Fluency Design for Agile Teams or leaders. Or Penguins.  Or just say "Hi."
Don't be shy. Dial right in. I'm here, waiting for you to join. 

Hopper Your Retrospective Pingu Friend Wants to Know

"What's your retrospective practice on these 'between days' of the year?

Ask me about mine."


"Experienced, connected, team-centered coaching for managers, coaches and teams who need Agile that works! I learned my craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations. I gained my experience using Scrum to deliver products before I ever tried to train or coach client organisations."