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Improve product focus through better team collaboration, transparency, self-organisation and building the right thing. Explore Agile development and product delivery using Scrum. Discover the basics of the Agile mindset, and the fundamentals of working with Scrum in an interactive, playful half-day.

This quickstart introduction can be made for executive team members, marketing, HR,  and for product development teams. This workshop is meant to be a discussion starter, and an introduction to the Agile mind-set, in most cases it is not sufficient for launching a new team unless combined with intense coaching.

Agile for Scrum Masters, Coaches and Teams

Get the best start (or re-start) on your Agile journey. Build the foundation to create a best-fitting Agile mind-set in your team. Explore Agile fundamentals with a deep dive into the Scrum framework. Understand the purpose and meaning behind the Scrum events, and use the Scrum artefacts to focus on value. Inhabit the Scrum roles as you develop the Agile mind-set. 

This course is hands-on, interactive, and rich with simulations. It prepares you to work every day in an Agile way with Scrum. This is a fundamentals course which will prepare you to work towards achieving the promise of Agile.

Participants in this course can pursue Scrum Master or Developer certification

Innovation for Products, Product Owners and the Whole Team

What is the role of business and product management in your Agile team? Build the foundation for innovation. Learn how to support your team daily. Take a deep dive into the role of the Scrum Product Owner. Incubate innovation with Service Design Thinking, storymapping and lean startup principles. This is a fundamentals course that goes beyond the basics of Scrum to explore creative innovation as make your journey towards realising the promise of Agile.

Participants in this course can pursue Product Owner certification.

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