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Experienced, connected, people & product-focused

Holding space for self-organisation & people-centered high-performance

safe scrum & kanban for humans

I work with people who really want the outcome everyone promised "agile" would deliver. I'll help you create lasting, transformative change that is natural and organic for everyone. Together we'll spark joy in your undertaking based on:

  • shared vision
  • effective mission
  • simple organic principles
  • and, proven development practices that fit the context of your enterprise.


Steve Holyer, Agile Fluency Coach<br/>(and renegade Timelord)
Steve Holyer, Agile Fluency Coach
(and renegade Timelord)

holding space for self-organisation and people-centered high performance.

Steve Holyer facilitating at Municipal Stadium,<br />Poznan, Poland
Steve Holyer facilitating at Municipal Stadium,
Poznan, Poland

I will show you how to hold space for productive self-organisation. and people-centered high performance.

Unlike other consultants and large consultancies, I understand how people develop agility over time. It's a predicable, repeatable progression. Because of that, we'll work within realistic timelines to optimise your outcomes strategically. And organically. We'll celebrate real benefits to your organisation each step along the way.

I'm creating remote teams & distributed team rooms that are as alive and connected as being in the same physical space.

Open Space Technology is my passion.

I would love to hear from you.